Doing everything right but not losing weight?

not losing weight


Women all over America struggle with this problem: They’re doing everything right, but the weight on the scale says, “No ma’am, you’re gaining weight”.

What’s going on here?!

In this video, I share a recent experience I’ve had and how maintaining a long-term weight loss has helped me be OK with what the scale says about my weight!


Not losing weight?

You’re takeaways from this experience:

  • Don’t weigh yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY!
  • If you want to feel good about yourself, don’t weigh yourself… especially in the morning.
  • Stay away from the scale leading up to your menstrual cycle and during it.
  • Stop asking yourself what you did wrong– trust the process!
  • If you do heavy weight training, don’t weigh the next day.
  • Don’t weigh yourself after working out (and sweating a lot) because it will also give you a false reading.
  • Remember WHY you’re doing this— it’s not just for the weight loss, it to feel good about yourself and feel better.
  • Focus on how your clothes fit!

Do you have your own experience with weight gain or tips for getting over this issue? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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