Fail to Prepare?



There is an old quote by Benjamin Franklin that goes, And for me, this is such a sound piece of wisdom if you are trying to stay on the road to success. Being successful and reaching your goals (health, career, relationship, etc.) don’t just happen by sheer luck!

From the outside, it might look like your successful friend has it all going for her and it just comes so easily, but the truth is that she probably has to work really hard and has set herself up for those big wins.

From a health aspect, preparing your food for the week is a HUGE step in the right direction. People that pack their own lunches to bring with them to work or school each day do not have to worry about the quality of food served at fast-food restaurants, cafeterias, or in the break-room. They do not have to spend $5-$15 each day just for lunch. They will naturally tend to lose weight or maintain their slimmer figure just by eating the healthier foods they have already prepared for themselves.

I personally prepare all of my lunches and snacks on Sunday afternoon and I have them ready in my fridge for the entire work week. I do this for my husband as well. It takes (at the most) one hour out of my day to ensure that we have healthy, nutritious food to eat while we are at work during the day.

But don’t stop at preparing just your afternoon meals. If you have the space in your refrigerator or freezer, why not prepare your breakfasts and dinners too? When I get home from work or school in the evenings, the last thing I really want to think about is cooking dinner. That is why I set myself up for success by having easy go-to dinners that I’ve already done most of preparation for or I have dinner ready in a crockpot.

By having your healthy food prepped and ready to go, you almost eliminate the need to pick up a quick convenience meal at the grocery store or fast food. You are less likely to give-in to junk food temptations when you feel like you are starving and tired and just want something to eat.

I might look goofy carrying my big green lunchbox to work with me every day, but I’m eating healthy, saving money, and staying slimmer because of it!

Do you think you could try to prepare some of your meals in advance too?

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