February 2015 In Review: The Life of A Health Coach

Life of a Health Coach


Hey guys! In an effort to be as transparent and real as possible with my readers, I decided in January to start a monthly blog update on:

“The Life of a Health Coach”

because I’m no different than you. I have great things that I accomplish each month on my journey to improving my health coach business and my life… but I also suffer setbacks and challenges to overcome. If this sounds like something you’re interested in reading more about… keep on…. But if you’re strictly here for the health/weight loss information, I’ll still provide lots of that (just not in this post).

So, here are some great results that came from February 2015 for me:


8 Things Happy People Do Every Morning:

I wrote an article about this for Mind Body Green back in October 2014. Some of it was written from my own experience and some from research. I realized that these actions needed to be actively taken each day… not just when I had the time or when I remembered. So, I embarked on making it a point to actively participate in the 8 things every morning. Some things I couldn’t do every day (like hanging out outside in the snow before work in the dark), but other things (like reading) happened darn near daily. I've been working at this for 60 full days now. Breakthroughs hit me left and right! I'm just way too excited to see what happens in 60 more days!

The Big Girls Guide to Beating Burnout:

This is an important guide I put together with the intention of helping my resolutioners friends and super-woman's out there. This is for those of us that constantly feel the pressure of the world on our shoulders. Stress is often the culprit that turns our best intentions at good health into a thing of the past. We let stress take over our lives! Imagine what we could do if we beat the heck out stress? Want the guide for yourself, click here.

Social Media Love:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 6.22.38 AM

I forgot to mention that the lovely Kris Carr shared my "8 Things Happy People Do Every Morning" article on Facebook in January. But also look who's giving me some love– Jean Chatzky from NBC's Today Show! It's so crazy to spend so much time watching this lady on TV over the years and then all of a sudden she's read my article (hopefully) and shared it with her fans on Twitter!

I Read 3 Self-Help Books:

turning pro

It began with Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. His writing style is simple, with lots of little thoughtful, poetic sentences sprinkled throughout. Certainly is one of my favorite books. If you haven't read this book or The War of Art, you're really missing out! Both books are about self-improvement and they can be applied to a weight loss journey. I re-read The Emotional Eater's Book of Inspiration by Debbie Danowski, PhD. I originally started reading this book a few years ago when I was suffering big time with binge eating. It's funny how much the advice in a book can change when you mature over time. I also read The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin. This is the first book I've honestly read by Seth Godin and I wasn't super impressed. It was a decent book, but maybe it read like a philosophy book a bit too much. A lot of it went flying right over my head because it's super scholarly (in my opinion). I was able to relate to some bits and pieces, but I think Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield was a better use of time to read. I will read some more Seth Godin stuff in the future though.

Huge Update on Inspire Transformation: Transformative Tactics:

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.09.58 AM

Last summer, I slapped together a rather short ebook and put it on Amazon to offer to some of my readers. It sold a few copies and I made a few bucks, but I never felt good about it. I felt almost sleazy for offering this book for a price. You know why? Because I knew I could provide better content, but I chose not to. I figured if I was only selling the book for $2.99, it didn't have to be phenomenal. Well, to say the book was even "good" was an overstatement. I had a few very generous reviews that boosted my spirit, but I still knew this was something I wanted to improve. This month, I got it done!!!! I did so much work on Transformative Tactics that it went through a transformation itself and is no longer the same little book. It went from about 40 pages to a little over 100! The information has more depth, it's more relate-able, and has more tangible take-aways that can be applied immediately. I'm finally proud of this book. You can preview it by clicking here.

I Wrote Articles:

I’ve contributed articles to Lifehack.org, Mind Body Green, Eat Live Life, Expanded Consciousness, and Daily Cup of Bloom during the month of February. Once again, I'm honored to be of service to these fine websites and their audiences. I'm always thankful (and thrilled) when people take a chance on me and allow me to work some magic through writing.

Joining Marie Forleo's B-School:

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 5.36.00 PM


I've been following Marie Forleo online for only a few years. I like her because she's business savvy, but also has a great attitude and she's fun. I've always heard great reviews about her business school and as I became interested in her annual training again, it's amazing how many people I follow and respect that have been through her training already. I made a video for Marie in the hopes of earning one of her scholarships. I waited an entire week in suspense. On the 20th she announced the winners and I was not picked. Bummer. My hubby and I talked about B-school for the last couple of weeks and made the decision it was right for me (regardless of getting a scholarship or not). I'm finally taking that plunge now. It's a big investment, but I'm eager to learn how to reach the women that need to hear my message and want to be helped on their weight loss journey. I'm also excited to have some support in developing new and exciting products and offering bigger value to all of my readers, followers, and clients. Every time I've considered joining in the mast few weeks, tears come to my eyes because I know it's the right move and I just think of how much I believe in myself, my business, and all of the WONDERFUL stuff that's going to be happening soon. It's funny… I joined exactly 1 month after I was let go from the CDC. The course starts on March 9th though. It's an 8 week course, so that means way less free time for reading other books and continuing education units for my certifications, but at least the course will be complete before I take summer classes at the university. But as Marie Forleo has said herself,

"I often say that starting and growing a business is the best personal development training you can ever get. That’s because every day you must step outside of your comfort zone, learn new things, own your worth, communicate effectively, handle rejection, take consistent action, man- age your time and energy with excellence and always come from a place of truth, honesty and service."

If B-School is something you might be interested in, you have until March 4th to sign-up… I signed up through the lovely Danielle Laporte and got massive amounts of her goodies as a bonus. So that was a little bit like Christmas. 🙂

 I Started A Business Woman Mastermind Group:


There's no way you can go it alone in anything in life. I know from my own experience with health coaching that my clients with a strong support system do the best. That's why I started a mastermind group for me and my lady friends. I love getting together with my girlfriends and talking business. Something magical happens when you get ambitious women in a room talking prosperity and growth! If you live near Spokane, WA and have a business: want to come to our Mastermind group? email me! Or if you just want your hair did and skin taken care of, hit up my lady friends at Style and the City.

I Ran A Lot:

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.34.30 AM

I'm preparing for a 12k in early May. I've ran this race (Bloomsday) every year since my weight loss journey. This is the second largest race in the United States (I believe Peach Tree in Atlanta is first place). This was my highest mileage running/walking month in many, many months. In March and April, this will transition into more running and less walking and long-day runs on the weekend (7+ miles). I post this because, as a health coach, it's important that I show you what I do for fitness. To show you that there are days I take off from exercising… or days that aren't as badass as others. And that's okay! Also, if you're working toward a fitness goal (like I am), it's good to have a simple way to track it. You can set up a simple spreadsheet like I did or an online fitness tracker.

I Became an Aloha.com Instagram Ambassador:

I've been showing a lot of support for the Aloha brand the last couple of months. Their products are top quality and so impressive.  As I mentioned in my Powered By Plants: My Favorite Green Juices blog post, Aloha has such great, high-quality products and ethics! I love love love them. I don't know if I could say it enough. They've recently asked me to be one of their Instagram Ambassadors and to continue to support their products through Instagram. I simply couldn't say no, because they stand for everything I believe in and what I want to continue to have in my own life and business. So, you'll likely be seeing a lot more promotional stuff from Aloha. If that bothers you, sorry. I will always promote the best stuff that I love with all of my heart. If you wish to make a purchase from Aloha, you can save 10% just by using my name (NaomiTeeter) as the discount code. Awesome!



Quite a bit of cool stuff went on in February for me. But, life is not complete without the dark, shadowy side. Here’s some unexpected things that went down this month and how I reframed what happened:


My Husband and I Fought on Valentine's Day:


I share this video because this is what I find myself doing with health coaching clients all of the time. I could have taken this situation as a slap in the face considering I wrote an article about presence for Valentine's Day, but instead I used it as a teaching lesson. I discovered with my hubby why he was lashing out in the way that he was so that his whole perspective was shifted. I was also able to turn this into a teachable lesson for my readers. Look for a blog post or article about this in the near future!


As always, the comment section is burning to know what’s on your mind! So, I encourage you to share your thoughts!



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