How I Got Happier in 90 Days


Last year, I did some research on basic morning routines of some of the happiest people alive. I wanted to know how to improve my days while going to school and working (both full-time). I was pleased to discover that I regularly practiced several of the recommended rituals. However, it wasn’t until January 5th of this year that I began a quest to develop all of these happy morning habits for my own.

Strangely enough, fifteen days after I started this happiness quest, I was terminated from my full-time employment at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after three and a half years of stable, dedicated service. I firmly believe my happy morning routine helped me hold it all together while going through this difficult life transition.

It’s said that habits take about 21 days to form, but from my experience, it took slightly more than 90 days to get many of these actions right and see the improvements for myself. So, without further delay, CLICK HERE to visit Aloha  and read which eight things I did to increase my happiness in about 90 days.



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