Help! I’m Scared To Run Out of Breath When I Exercise!



When I started my weight-loss journey over 7 years ago, I knew very little about exercise and I was honestly scared to push myself hard in workouts.


Not only did I hate sweating, but I was also totally petrified of losing my breath and passing out.

I was one of those fat kids in gym class that couldn't run around the track to save my own life. I would start gasping for air after only a few yards.

I think this is a huge concern for many people that are new to exercising, too.


Here's the truth:

Unless you have medically diagnosed asthma or a heart condition, you don't need to worry or be stressed out about this.


I mentally got myself over the fear by knowing this:

  1. I took the number 220 minus my age (220-31 =189 ). This number is MY maximum heart rate that I should never try to push past. That is the danger zone.
  2. In order to get the most from my workouts and still be safe, I try to push myself to exercise at 85% of my maximum heart rate ( 189 x .85 = roughly 168).
  3. This is a completely safe range to exercise in and should not lead to fainting or heart problems (unless you are exercising for longer than a couple hours at this heart rate). Now, it has been proven that this formula is not completely accurate because everyone is different, but it's a good way of mentally pushing past the barrier of fear. If you want to take a look at other calculations, go here.
  4. How do you know if you are within this heart rate zone? The very best method (in my opinion) is to wear a heart rate monitor. I personally have owned and worn one almost from the very beginning of my weight-loss journey. Click Here to check out the Polar heart rate monitors on Amazon. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

Remember, your endurance will build over time. Your heart rate will be high to begin with, but as you continue to exercise and make it a habit, it will decrease and stabilize. You won't be gasping for air anymore and you might not even think about your breathing as much anymore.


Watch the video below for more reasons why you should consider using a heart rate monitor to track your weight-loss and workouts.



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