How I Almost Gave My Husband An Eating Disorder


My husband and I started dating about a year after I lost 150 pounds


Like many women who set out to lose the excess weight for good, I was fully committed to my new, healthier lifestyle. 


At the time of meeting my future husband, I ate super clean 90% of the time and worked out every morning.


These days, it’s called orthorexia“Obsessed” is the best word I can think of to describe my relationship with clean eating back then.


Proper nutrition rocked my world every single day. Knowing exact macronutrients of my meals, how certain carbohydrates affected my blood sugar, how clean and pure my food was, judging others for their poor food choices, and offering unsolicited nutritional advice were the highlights of my day.


When I met Adrean (my husband), he was a little on the chunky side. He used to joke that his doctor called him “a beast” (obese). Truthfully, he was just an average-size guy.


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