How I Lost 125 Pounds And Got A Bikini Body

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Please don’t be angry or disappointed.

This blog post was originally titled, “Will I have loose skin after I lose weight?”… but I felt like that was a question filled full of fear. Some very vulnerable and insecure ladies are out there doing the work– exercising and eating right and want to know, “Is this all going to pay off? Am I going to have a bikini body when this is all over? Or will I be stuck with a lot of loose skin?”

I want to make it very clear– when I started my weight loss journey back in 2009, I had unrealistic expectations. For some reason, I thought losing half of my body weight would make me look like a fitness model. I was certain I was going to have that kind of bikini body.

Can you relate to this?

Well, it didn’t happen this way. Turns out, if you’ve been “morbidly obese” for the majority of your life, you can’t expect your skin to shrink completely back to normal. Some people are fortunate and don’t have this problem because they were only 25-50 pounds overweight. I was 150 pounds overweight.

When I got down to 150 pounds, my ribcage was showing. My backbone and tail bone stuck out. My boobs were almost nonexistent. My face looked about ten years older than I am. BUT I still had loose skin on my belly, arms, thighs, and ass. It happens.

Some people will tell you that you don’t get that problem if you lift weights. That’s a lie. I lifted heavy weights for long stretches of time (and ate plenty of protein)– in the hopes of increasing muscle mass and filling in some of that loose skin. It did help a little bit (over time), but not enough (to look like a “normal” person).

So, even though I was “skinny”, I still looked “fat”.

When I did planks, my loose belly skin hit the floor. When I ran, my upper arm skin flapped in the wind.

Even after being successful with my weight loss, I felt frustrated because of the loose skin. In the early years of my weight loss, I hated it and vowed to have it removed some day.

And, maybe someday I will have some of it removed, but as for now, it serves as a reminder of who I was and who I am.

Do I have a bikini body?

Yes, I do. And so do you. If you want one, you have one.

 Afraid of the looks you’ll get?

You’ll get judgement no matter what. You could be the most gorgeous gal on the beach– and, of course, you’ll still get attention… good and bad.

Remember: What another person says and does is a reflection of who they are.

>>If someone gives you the stank eye or says something rotten, the truth is– they’ve got issues of their own body to sort out, and it has NOTHING to do with you. They’ll usually forget about you pretty quickly anyways.

>>If someone is wearing a bikini even though they don’t have the perfect air-brushed magazine cover look, it means they want to be happy and they’re confident in themselves and don’t need anyone else’s approval.

 So, here’s my bikini body with it’s loose skin and imperfections:


loose skin


I hope this blog post inspired you at least a little bit to consider wearing whatever kind of swimwear you want to wear and really own it. You deserve to be happy…. with the extra weight or without it.

Don’t allow the judgements of others to dull your right to joy.

What do you think of this topic? Is this something that’s held you back from wearing your own swimsuit in public?


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2 thoughts on “How I Lost 125 Pounds And Got A Bikini Body

  1. I wouldn’t wear a bikini whether I had the body for it or not, but I’m glad you found a place of peace and acceptance, and that you did it in a healthy way. If people weren’t so hard on themselves for shallow reasons, they’d be happier, healthier, and probably thinner as a result. Stress messes everything up!!

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