Podcast Episode #002: How To Be A Great Student And Still Be Healthy



In this podcast, we talk about what really inspired us this week. Adrean mentioned the movie Finding Joe (it’s one of our personal favs).

We also discuss the hardships of being an adult student that is working, going to school, and trying to stay healthy in the process.

Anyone can benefit from this podcast… especially those of you who spread yourselves too thin.


Here are the 8 ways we discuss on staying healthy:

1. Bring your meals with you to work and school.

2. Plan all of your meals ahead of time.

3. Make the crockpot your dinner date.

4. Consider mixing it up with smoothies and shakes for breakfast.

5. Limit your consumption of alcohol.

6. Schedule fitness as a priority.

7. Talk with a mentor, coach, or counselor once or twice a month.

8. Re-evaluate your current priorities and extra-curricular activities.



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