I Crave Sweets Like Nobody’s Business…


So… there is this crazy phenomenon that happens to me without fail. Maybe it happens to you too?


On days that I workout in the mornings, I have massive amounts of energy and eat 100% healthy. On days that I skip a workout, I am tired and crave sweets like nobody’s business. Sound familiar?


I do not have a biological or scientific explanation for this because I’m not exactly a scientist. But I do have a notion as to why my body responds this way– and maybe it’s the reason that yours does too.


At first, I thought that it must all be a mental issue. I assumed that I must be psychologically setting myself up for cravings on purpose because I felt guilty that I didn’t work out. But the truth is, everyone’s body needs a break once in a while from exercising and I know that I haven’t really felt guilty about missing a workout in quite some time. I’m over that.


Here’s the thing: when we exercise, we get energy.


When we don’t exercise we don’t have as much energy. This is what I believe creates the lethargic feeling I have from time to time. In order to create some sort of energy, my body screams for more food than usual. But this is also where the psychological part comes in. When I am tired, I prefer to be comforted in some way. The easiest way for me is with FOOD.


Who doesn’t like sipping on hot chocolate on a miserably cold day? Okay, so I have more than just hot chocolate. I have to admit that I am not perfect and I fail a lot. So, what is the solution to the madness? I cannot give 110% in workouts every day. I could try, but then end up with adrenal fatigue, overuse injuries, and a lot of other problems. Trust me, I’ve been there before. But it’s clear that I cannot miss workouts regularly either or I find myself baking cookies.


I think the solution lies somewhere in the middle. My body and my mind tend to be satisfied most of the time with just 1 quick workout in the mornings (20-30 minutes in duration) of cardio and/or weights. I give it a decent effort, but don’t push too hard if I’m feeling sore and tired from previous workouts. If I find a way to get my heart rate up for 20 minutes every day, my body and my mind reward me with energy and a clear, focused mind.


My workout doesn’t have to take place in the morning, but it is ideal for me. Sometimes, even a quick workout on my lunch break instead is good enough. It’s clear that I don’t have to give a full-out marathon effort every day in order to stay fit and healthy and still make progress.


If you are just starting your weight-loss journey, you may not have experienced this phenomenon yet. Or maybe you are like me– you’ve been living as healthy as possible for several years, but still have moments of weakness and wonder if you need to join Overeaters Anonymous or something. The truth might be that you just need to create some sort of energy for yourself during the day that keeps you moving forward and not falling backward into a plate of warm, chewy, round, brown treats (as they would say in Overeaters Anonymous). What are your thoughts on this? Has this ever happened to you? Feel free to leave a comment below. 


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