Wait… I’m Not “Smart” Enough to Lose Weight!



When I started my weight-loss transformation 5 years ago, I was a high-school dropout. I only had a GED and lacked a lot of basic knowledge about life. I did not even know what carbohydrates, protein, and fat really were back then. You don’t have to know everything before you begin! The only thing you need is the burning desire to want to change and faith in yourself.

On my journey I consumed all of the weight-loss, health, and fitness information I could find online at the local library. Looking back, I realize that I followed a lot of flawed advice from celebrity fitness trainers and gurus. But I didn’t know any better back then. Their advice did help keep me motivated towards my goal, which I do not regret. And even though the celebrity fitness trainers had a lot of information wrong, they were able to teach me the basics that I needed to know (like what macronutrients are).

If you genuinely want to get and stay healthy, my suggestion to you is to start now. Take the steps in the direction that you know is healthier than what you are doing right now. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Along the way, branch out and start exploring different facets of the health industry. Find out how sugar affects your energy and health. Find out how many calories you expend in one day. Find out what psychological triggers might be holding you back. But in the meantime, just START.

My interest in the health and wellness realm went from zero to 100% over the last few years and I became a certified nutritionist and group fitness instructor because this is now what I live 24/7. I’m currently working on my bachelors in the health and psychology fields as well. While I am not condoning dropping out of school, I am providing living proof that you don’t have to know it all to be successful on your weight-loss journey!

Get Lose It!

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