Interview Naomi



Do you run a podcast or blog that specializes in health, fitness, weight loss (or something close)? Naomi would be so honored to be your guest! 


Naomi’s story is unique because she was overweight (and morbidly obese) for most of her life, but managed to lose 150 pounds (without surgery) and maintain 125 pounds of it for the better part of a decade. If you know your facts about sustained weight loss, 95% of all Americans who lose weight WILL gain it all back (plus some) by the 5 year mark. 


That’s not to say that she didn’t have some of the very same struggles most people have with losing weight (and keeping it off). She certainly did. Through her struggle, she found the truth about what it really takes for long-term weight loss and how to make the experience easier.  


Naomi has shared my weight loss journey and valuable information about a sustained weight loss with media outlets such as: Marie Claire, Redbook, Mindbodygreen, Huffington Post, Lifehack, Daily Mail, and more. 


Naomi is passionate about working with women who want to lose the weight for good. She’s a nutritionist and health coach for her business Inspire Transformation, founder of Inspire Transformation Academy, and co-creator of Discovery Dyet


Topics close to her heart:

  • How to develop self-compassion for yourself (and others) on your weight loss journey (and why it’s important)
  • The how-to’s of a sustained weight loss 
  • How your personality determines what weight loss route is best for you 
  • Handling setbacks and shifting your mindset
  • Sugar addiction, binge eating and why I don’t eat “clean”
  • How the big picture of your weight loss journey is more than how you look and what the scale says


If any of these topics intrigue you or you have an idea for something else, please contact Naomi so that you can get an interview scheduled! Email: Naomi [at]