June 2015 In Review: The Life of A Health Coach

Hey guys! In an effort to be as transparent and real as possible with my readers & clients, I decided this year to start a monthly blog update on:

“The Life of a Health Coach”

because I’m no different than you. I have great things that I accomplish each month on my journey to improving my health coach business and my life… but I also suffer setbacks and challenges to overcome. If this sounds like something you’re interested in reading more about… keep on…. But if you’re strictly here for the health/weight loss information, I’ll still provide lots of that (just not in this post). So, here are some great results that came from June 2015 for me:


I Wrote Articles:

If you’re new to my website, chances are good that you found me through one of the articles I’ve written for another company. I’ve contributed articles to Mind Body Green, The Weigh We Were, and ALOHA this month. As always, I’m honored to be of service to these fine websites and their audiences. I try my best to contribute helpful articles and information to other websites on a regular basis in order to extend my readership and spread the encouragement.

 I started ALOHA’s 21-Day Detox Program:

As an ambassador and expert writer for ALOHA, I was asked during the month of June to take part in a 21-day detox program ALOHA was trying to refine and make better before launching to the public. It’s a shame they call it a “detox” because I tend to shy away from stuff with that kind of wording these days (lots of scams out there). However, this program is fairly good and realistic. I drink a smoothie/protein shake for breakfast (I would normally do this anyways), a fancy salad for lunch, and a super healthy dinner full of veggies and organic meat. The premise of the program is that it greatly reduces inflammation because it eliminates a lot of common food allergens and inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, eggs, etc.). I’m still on this 21-day program because I started towards the end of June, but so far so good!

For the first time ever, my 1-on-1 health coaching was booked solid:

I simply could not take on any more new clients for the first time ever. There are so many hours in the day and with also putting together my 4-week weight loss program, I had to start turning folks away or suggesting they join the wait list for my program instead. This was a sad feeling for me because I wanted to be able to help more, but at the same time, it felt good to be fully booked. I knew that this day would come some day and that’s why I’ve been working hard at developing my 4-week program so that I can be of service to more people without being so overbooked that I drive myself nuts.

8 Great Ways To Lose Weight 4-Week Program In The Works:

As I finally got over being sick, I was able to really start working on my up-coming 4-week program’s video modules. I’ve spent hours and hours every single day shooting and re-shooting videos. There are 8 video modules and a lot of bonus content. It’s actually quite insane that I’m charging only a small amount for everything that my members will receive, but it’s in the beta stages, so I thought “why not?” This program will ultimately take over my hourly 1-on-1 health coaching by January 2016. Why? Hourly 1-on-1 health coaching is fun, but the program offers way more information, accountability, and is a greater value. Let’s be real– there’s only so much that can be done with one hour of personalized health coaching. I really want to assist as many women (and men) as possible on their sustained weight loss journeys… but that’s impossible to do with just 1-on-1 coaching … trading hours for dollars. I’m looking to launch this 4-week weight loss program on August 3rd and it will re-launch 5-6 times a year. You can learn more about it by watching the video and going to the program website.

A very thoughtful recommendation from one of my past health coaching clients about this upcoming program:

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 12.36.42 PM

I renewed my nutritional certification for another 2 years:

It’s hard to believe that it was already time to renew! Two years passes so quickly!!! In order to keep my “expert” status as a health professional, it’s important I keep up on my certifications. So, I did the continuing education training required and paid my re-certification fee. At times, I wonder if it’s necessary to have this certification because no one ever asks about it, but the required training alone is worth it because it forces me to focus on learning more in the health and nutrition field when I get so caught up in just doing the day-to-day stuff of helping clients and running a business.

Quite a bit of cool stuff went on in June for me. But, life is not complete without the shadowy side. Here’s a few unexpected things that went down this month and how I reframed what happened:


I made the mistake of trying something new with my hair:

I’m not a salon-going girl. I’ve always pretty much done my own hair because I like it a certain way. In my teenage and early-20’s years, I always did something different with the color and style of my hair because it was something I could control and I felt it took away from the attention that the size of my body created. So, when I felt incapable of changing the size of my body, I changed my hair. After I lost weight and maintained, I have pretty much kept the same color…. until recently. This is such a trivial problem in the scope of everything that could ever happen… but it bothered me for many days. I tried a different brand of hair dye and it turned my hair almost black (with a deep red tint). I was mortified. Part of my “branding” is my red hair… NOT my black hair. This is something  I never realized the importance of until I became a “brand” that is trusted for a consistent appearance. After several days of washing and rinsing in apple cider vinegar, I’ve accepted it’ll fade back to more of a red color in time. I could just re-dye it with my trusted hair dye brand, but why go nuts over it? This is one of those unexpected things that comes up in life that you have to learn to shift your perspective on or it will control your happiness.

I received unsolicited criticism that would have bothered me in the past:

Ordinarily, I would not write about something like this, but I was proud of the way I handled the situation. A woman on my newsletter mailing list sent me an email this month to let me know I made a typo in one of my blog posts and then proceeded to tell me that she would edit my blog for me in exchange for my products. The email began with the criticism and in no way did she present herself as a professional editor. I was astonished because that particular blog entry had only one typo. ONE. I did a little more research and noticed this woman had only been on my mailing list for about a month and had never made an effort to click on any of my information but that one time. Usually, I would ignore an email like this and maybe even just delete her from the mailing list. I knew that in her mind, maybe she thought she was trying to be helpful. However, when a person offers unsolicited criticism over something so trivial, it’s usually a reflection of what’s going on in that person’s life and has nothing to do with the darn typo. Instead of seeing it as an attack, I replied back to this woman kindly. I offered her a suggestion on how to approach people professionally in the future about editing opportunities (such as not pointing out a person’s mistakes, but just offering professional services in exchange for products instead). I know I’ve been guilty of offering unwanted opinions/advice before, so I took pity on her and offered up that reply. Needless to say, she didn’t really “get it” and continued to tell me that I really should have an editor. LOL Even editors at Mind Body Green make mistakes on the articles I send to them– we’re all flawed humans. It doesn’t make me any less capable as a health coach when I accidentally add in an extra word. When someone judges us based on our actions, it’s usually ONLY a reflection of the struggle that person deals with on a daily basis and does not mean there’s something wrong with you.


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