How To Keep Fitness Fresh & Fun


As a nutritionist and health coach, I work with a variety of clients– all with different personalities and lifestyles. Some have no problem making fitness a priority while others lose interest quickly and give up. This article is for you guys that like to have fun.

Here’s the thing: we all know what it’s like to feel that initial burst of fitness enthusiasm kick in when we start out. That first moment when you decide to begin working out daily in order to lose weight, be healthier or simply reduce stress. There’s nothing quite like it.

However, over time, the excitement can wear off and you can start to feel a deeper connection with your warm, comfy bed than you do with your exercises. What happened? Did you get bored with the same old routines and unable to do something about it so you gave up entirely? New Year’s resolutions are popular this time of year, and you may have made many promises to yourself, but if you really wish to persevere and continue with your workout through the whole year here are a couple ideas on how to keep fitness fresh and fun. Read the rest at Eat Live Life.






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