A Gadget To Help You Resist Temptation: Kitchen Safe

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Giving in to temptation can often ruin our best intention at change. But what if there was gadget that could help us build better behavior patterns and control our ability to not give in to addiction when our willpower was low? The Kitchen Safe does just that! It’s a new gadget that helps us to resist our cravings by controlling our environment. (Click here to read more at Lifehack).

Watch this video for my demonstration of how much can fit into a Kitchen Safe:

You can purchase Kitchen Safe through their website or through Amazon. If you purchase through this link, I receive a very small kick-back of like 2 cents… but every bit helps to pay for this website (just a FYI).

Being a health coach, I recognize many benefits to The Kitchen Safe for people that lack control over addictive foods because immediate temptation is removed. The Kitchen Safe would certainly limit nighttime snacking and end many family conflicts over junk food. It may even help health enthusiasts to reach weight loss goals faster. Al Roker from the Today Show said, “Just don’t bring it home” in response to having junk food temptation in the home. That seems like the most intelligent solution, however, many of us like to occasionally treat ourselves to an indulgence. We’re humans—not robots.

Many people claim they simply don’t have any willpower. That’s not true. We all have some willpower, but it starts to run out as the day goes on and we make poor decisions. With the Kitchen Safe, we can conserve some of our willpower (a finite resource) and avoid decision-making fatigue by simply removing any temptation we might normally crave throughout the day or week.


Still not sold on the Kitchen Safe? Here’s why the Kitchen Safe founders think you need to have one of your own:

“The Kitchen Safe was developed based on research published by scientists at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale. They discovered that pre-commitment can significantly increase our chances of achieving our goals. Pre-commitment is the notion of committing to a smart choice now, when you know you’ll be tempted by a bad choice later. We’ve taken years of inter-temporal and willpower research and reimagined it into a fun and effective product that helps people reach their goals.”


What would you keep in your Kitchen Safe?



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One thought on “A Gadget To Help You Resist Temptation: Kitchen Safe

  1. I would definitely use something like this when my kids come home with Halloweeen candy or any of the other various reasons our society uses to push junk food to kids. My temptations are fast food joints and impulse buys, so this wouldn’t help me in that respect, but my kids’ candy bucket can be my downfall. I also think it would help them to learn moderation at the same time…like we only get a treat every other day or Fridays or whatever works for your household. Great demo and product! Thanks for including the research on pre-commitment, too!

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