March 2015 In Review: The Life of A Health Coach


Hey guys! In an effort to be as transparent and real as possible with my readers, I decided this year to start a monthly blog update on:

“The Life of a Health Coach”

because I’m no different than you. I have great things that I accomplish each month on my journey to improving my health coach business and my life… but I also suffer setbacks and challenges to overcome. If this sounds like something you’re interested in reading more about… keep on…. But if you’re strictly here for the health/weight loss information, I’ll still provide lots of that (just not in this post). So, here are some great results that came from March 2015 for me:

8 Things Happy People Do Every Morning:

I wrote an article about this for Mind Body Green back in October 2014. It’s been pretty popular (over 89 THOUSAND Facebook likes) Some of it was written from my own experience and some from research. I realized that these actions needed to be actively taken each day… not just when I had the time or when I remembered. So, I embarked on making it a point to actively participate in the 8 things every morning. Some things I couldn’t do every day (like hanging out outside in the mornings), but other things (like exercise) happened darn near daily. I’ve been working at this for 90 full days now. I feel like way too many great things have happened to me in the last 3 months because of my idea to start implementing this routine daily. More focused, more energy, more happiness! And another 5 pounds gone.

8 Great Ways To Lose Weight Webinar:

I hosted my very first free webinar this month! It turned out to be a bigger success than expected! Because I finished up revamping Tranformative Tactics last month, I’ve been promoting it in various different ways. One way was through hosting a free webinar that was an overview of the book (and a little bit like a generic health coaching session). I pulled out many of the topics covered in the book and discussed them for as long as I possibly could while answering questions from viewers in the chat. I want my readers/listeners/followers/friends to get as much value as possible from all of the free information. I may host another free webinar in April after seeing how well this one did. If you want to see the full webinar replay, click here.

Transformative Tactics is Now More than Just an Ebook:

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.04.25 PM

This baby has been converted into a real freakin book! It’s unbelievable to hold it in my 2 hands and flip through it! I ordered several copies and received them on my birthday. It was one of the best birthday surprises I could have asked for!

Transformative Tactics Book Giveaway:


Because I finally had Transformative Tactics published, I thought it would be great to give a few copies away to interested ladies. So, I gave away a couple of copies during the live webinar and I also started a social media contest and to give 2 more copies away. No strings attached. LOVE giving away stuff that means so much to me! This contest runs until Wednesday, April 1st!

I Read 2 Self-HelpBooks:

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 10.42.39 AM

The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle Laporte is great to read and listen to. I did both at the same time. It helped her message really “sink in” for me. Her voice adds an extra layer of “wisdom” that I needed to hear. Her book is mostly about getting that fire started inside of you to take on the tasks that really ignite a passion inside of you… but maybe you’re too afraid to pursue. It great for anyone that is on a journey (weight loss included). Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. was a book that I had read a few years back but felt I really needed a refresher on. The first half of the book is probably the best part because it really covers everything a person needs to know right there. The rest of the book is how these mindsets apply to different areas of life (with great real-life examples and scientific evidence).

I Wrote Articles:

I’ve contributed articles to Aloha, Daily Cup of Bloom and Young & Raw during the month of March. Once again, I’m honored to be of service to these fine websites and their audiences. I try my best to contribute helpful articles and information to other websites on a regular basis. This month was a challenge to do because of the other awesome projects I’ve taken on and working on B-School.

I Started Marie Forleo’s B-School Training:    Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 10.40.41 AM

….And it was harder to keep up with than I thought it would be. If you ACTUALLY do the work… it’s tough. If you watch the videos and skim the “fun sheets”, it might seem easy. I haven’t even had time to connect with the B-School Facebook group! Thankfully, a wonderful local gal found me on the B-School portal and connected with me via Facebook and added me to her own private B-School accountability group. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to connect. There’s a lot to do and learn!!

1 Minute With Naomi Came To Life:


I recorded a series of 1 minute videos as mini-health tips. Because I’ve temporarily abandoned my podcast (hubby has been super busy with school work). I recognize that we all ingest information in different ways. I personally love watching videos… so, why not make more of them? I hope you guys like them too. I know they’ll also get better over time. Practice practice practice!!

I Became an Instagram Ambassador:


I’ve been showing a lot of support for the Aloha brand the last couple of months. Their products are top quality and so impressive.  As I mentioned in my Powered By Plants: My Favorite Green Juices blog post, Aloha has such great, high-quality products and ethics! I love love love them. I don’t know if I could say it enough. They’ve recently asked me to be one of their Instagram Ambassadors. I simply couldn’t say no, because they stand for everything I believe in and what I want to continue to have in my own life and business. So, you’ll likely be seeing a lot more promotional stuff from Aloha. If that bothers you, sorry. I will always promote the best stuff that I love with all of my heart.If you use my links to make a purchase at Aloha, you receive a $20 credit towards your purchase (new customers). If you’re a returning customer, you can save 10% by using my promo code: NAOMITEETER

I Was Given A Bottle of CBD to Try Out:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.21.47 PM

There will be a review blog post about this product on Wednesday, April 1st. The company Dose of Nature kindly asked me to review their Redstrap CBD (in hemp oil) product. I did my research and I realized that it was worth a shot. I’m a really skeptical person… so I had ever intention of expecting to give a poor/unsatisfactory review of the product. But I wanted to give an honest review, because I do try to give everything the benefit of the doubt, too. I can’t wait until this review post comes up for this product. I just want to say here that I was pretty impressed for first 2 days of taking it.


Quite a bit of cool stuff went on in March for me. But, life is not complete without the shadow side. Here’s some unexpected things that went down this month and how I reframed what happened:

I Had A Terrible Falling Out With My Church:

I thought for a long time what I should say about this circumstance. The truth is, religion is a touchy subject. We all come from different backgrounds and belief systems, so I do not want to say something here that will rub anyone the wrong way. My husband and I attended this church for 2 years… made what we thought were good friendships… we volunteered as door greeters and nursery workers. But we often didn’t like the message, the worship service, and the judgement of some of the leadership members. We contemplated leaving for several months, but I was stubborn and wanted to stay for “the community”. We experienced a small fiasco with one of the church leadership members via Facebook recently and we decided that was enough to make the decision to leave for good. I don’t like to burn bridges at all. I know there were a lot of WONDERFUL people there. But the church message and service didn’t resonate with us… as much as we longed for it and tried to make it work. There were a lot of hurt feelings surrounding this decision. I received messages from members of the church that claimed I “chose to see my life through a veil of anger” and other weird phrases that are only designed to make a person feel guilt or shame for making the decision to leave. After a few days of dwelling on this, I had to reframe the issue. The first outcome was that we found out really quickly who was still our friends and who were not.The second outcome gives us a chance to try something different. We are still in the process of seeking out a new church community. Sometimes, that can be frustrating… it’s like dating to a degree. But we’re trying to think of it as a positive experience.



Check out what happened in January & February 2015, if you’re interested!



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