Mistakes Happen: A Peptalk



Because I write for a few different health and lifestyle websites, I often see articles titled "The Top 5 Fitness Mistakes To Avoid" or "Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing Daycares" or other crap like that.


I know, I know… the titles of these popular articles really sucker us in… because it's programmed into our brain for survival purposes to avoid mistakes that might lead to something bad happening. So if we can become more perfect human beings by avoiding any mistakes, let's do it– right? WRONG.


Yes, mistakes hurt. They can set us back– big time. But in hindsight, we can almost always see the silver lining of why that mistake had to happen. Most of us didn't learn how to ride a bicycle by reading an instruction manual. We had to hop on the bike and fall off of it many times. We got hurt… but it didn't last for long. Before we knew it, we could ride our bicycles… even with no hands.


So, will we be able to face other life challenges by reading an article that explains how to avoid problems? Probably not… but it sure is fun to think about! 😉


As we enter a brand new year and start over with your resolutions, we ought to keep in mind that mistakes are supposed to happen! We all learn by doing (and doing a whole lot of messing up). Don't get me wrong– there is value in learning from others, but sometimes the best teacher is falling on ours asses a few times first.


The next time you fail with your eating healthier and/or exercise routine, ask yourself what this mistake was supposed to teach you. It's not that you are incapable of changing or too weak to do better. It's because maybe you set up your exercise routine at a time of day that your energy and willpower are at their lowest. Maybe you did not have enough accountability. Maybe you did not buy enough fresh fruits and veggies at the market to keep you satisfied. Maybe you went to that party you shouldn't have (and your good intentions walked out the door). These setbacks are there to teach you what works for you and what doesn't.





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