Morning Workouts: The Benefits I Love

I’m one of those people that have to work out in the morning. If I don’t exercise soon after I wake up, there is an 85% chance that I’ll make an excuse not to do it later. For me, there are some benefits to morning workouts verses any other time of the day.

morning workouts


Because of my Morning Workouts, I:

I Have More Energy

Although some days I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning, the energy I create by exercising early sustains me through the day. I have more energy to go to work, studying for school, and working with clients. The days that I skip morning workouts end up being unproductive and I honestly feel a little under the weather. The days that I do not exercise, I also tend to crave sweets (as if sweets give me energy or something).

I Have Better Consistency

Having a set routine/ritual of waking up and getting my workout clothes on and working out has set me up for long-term success. People that have a set pattern they follow every day tend to stick with it long-term more than those that just attend a workout class once in a while. Once I’m in motion, I tend to stay in motion… with a lot of things in my life.

I Sleep Better

I wake up around 4:00 a.m. each morning to workout. That means that I have to go to sleep earlier. I also push pretty hard in my workouts and get my adrenaline going. If I did that in the afternoon or evening, my body would probably still be amped up from that and prohibit sleep. When my head hits the pillow, I’m out. There’s no laying in bed and counting sheep.

Do you workout in the mornings too? What are some other benefits you’ve experienced? Please share in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Morning Workouts: The Benefits I Love

  1. Hi Naomi, What time do you go to bed at night, if you’re waking up at 4am to workout? I also feel that it would be best for me to workout in the morning, but I’m always so tired (which is an excuse, I know) so I just go “oh well, I’ll just do it later in the day”–and then I only end up working out like every other day (or sometimes every 4 days, or sometimes every two weeks when it gets really bad). I also realized that I’ve even made an ordeal out of showering and having to wash my hair in the morning, because I like showering at night only, and I feel taking two showers a day is a waste of time. Well, I decided my health is more important than all of that, and I decided that I’m even going to cut my hair from very long to a shorter, more low-maintenance hairstyle to get over that lame excuse! Thanks for the extra motivation and tips, Naomi! I randomly came over here after seeing one of your comments on from the coconut chocolate cake recipe 🙂

    • Love it Lisha! When you want something bad enough, you find a way around the excuses! I typically go to bed around 8pm (depending if I’m working with clients or not). There’s just too many benefits from morning workouts to ignore. By the way, almost none of us feel super jazzed and great getting out of bed in the morning. LOL

      Also the shower thing, I got to the point that I took a quick shower after my workouts with just plain soap. I didn’t wash my hair. I wore it in a ponytail a lot. I washed JUST my bangs if they seemed gross. Easy to blow dry and style quickly. I have LONG, THICK hair so I understand the extra effort.

      There’s always a way to get what we want… we just have to be willing to sacrifice some of our comfort and habits for it.

      Thanks for randomly stopping in. 😉

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