Naomi Teeter’s Before & After Weight Loss Photos

I think we all have become weight loss before/after photo skeptics over the years. Photo editing software gives the ability to airbrush the crap out of photos and sometimes even look like a different person.


Scam companies use before/after photos in order to sell their bogus diet supplements like pills, powders, and body wraps. I’m right there with you– I’m always skeptical too. That’s why I put this page up on my website. I want you to see that I am a real person.


I made this video in 2014 that shows all kinds of photos of what I used to look like as a plus-sized person (even from childhood) and then where I’ve been over the last 7+ years as someone who has sustained a huge weight loss. I apologize for my “sad voice” in the video. I think looking at all of the photos of my past made me sad??

To celebrate my sustained weight-loss, in 2014 I made many before & after weight loss photo collages. These were originally shared on Facebook and Pinterest only, but then I figured that maybe someone out there would want to see what a dramatic weight loss of 125-150 pounds really looks like. I recently (2016) took those before & after photo collages down and put up new ones.


All photos are clickable to see the full-sized version. I use watermarks over most of my photos to prevent use without permission. If you feel inspired and want more information on how I lost weight, sign up to get my FREE digital book!  























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