The Perfectionism Shift: Developing An Adventure Attitude



We’ve all done it—set expectations for how a situation is supposed to turn out, and then nothing goes as anticipated.


Some of us will feel disappointed, let down, or even frustrated. We blame ourselves, or worse—we blame other people for things not going our way.


I lived the first twenty-seven years of my life with this kind of attitude. I call it the “perfectionistic attitude” (strongly based on Carol S. Dweck’s idea of a “fixed mindset”). The strange thing is, I didn’t even realize I was responsible for creating my unhappiness with this way of thinking and reacting! I stressed out over trivial stuff and ruined relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and partners.


This perfectionistic attitude leads to deep disappointment. Being someone who had this attitude, I often tried to hide my expectations– but they always came out in a hundred little ways: in the tone of my voice, in my word choices, and in my silence (I was highly skilled in passive-aggressive behavior).


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2 thoughts on “The Perfectionism Shift: Developing An Adventure Attitude

  1. Great post! Exactly what I needed to read right now (I went and read the full post on Aloha). The last few days I have been finding myself getting irritated at the smallest of things, and I’m annoying myself! I’m trying to just calm down and realize things don’t always go perfectly. It was good to get this reminder!

    • Lisha,


      Sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner. Silly website.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article over at ALOHA. It’s something near and dear to my heart because I’m one of those people that took it to extremes and damaged a lot of relationships with the perfection attitude.

      Adventure is the way to go. 😉

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