I get asked all of the time what I use to stay healthy. It gets a little frustrating trying to remember it all and then sending people to the right places!

Frustration– no more! Here's a gigantic list of my favorite health and weight loss things!

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My Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts/Articles:

Detox Your Life With Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal is one of those natural resources that you just wouldn't think about when it comes to getting healthier. But it really is a little miracle worker!

40 Bacon Recipes You Never Knew Existed!: Such a popular article because we all secretly love bacon…

This Guy Lost Over 300 Pounds In Just 1 Year: My little brother used to weigh 840 pounds and in just one year… he lost over 300 pounds. This article uncovered how he did it and the struggles he's been through.

Powered By Plants: My Favorite Green Juices: Green juices are very popular right now… but we can't all afford fresh-pressed juice every single day. So, I give powder options.

My Top 10 Food Rules: How I Keep The Weight Off: These are really simple ways that I eat differently as the smaller version of myself to keep off 125+ pounds.


My Programs & Books:

8 Great Ways To Lose Weight is my comprehensive, interactive 6-week weight loss program that offers way more than any hourly health coaching session ever will! This program runs 5-6 times per year and is only open to 20 members during each session. The sessions for 2015 are held during the months of August and October. In 2016, the anticipated months of sessions are January, February (maybe), March, June, August, and October. This program includes 8 full-length video & audio modules with transcripts and workbooks. Each week of the program includes a live group webinar session, private 1-on-1 health coaching with me, and life-time access to our private, members-only Facebook community. As someone who always tries to offer more value, this program also includes a lot of bonus material such as a copy of my 4-week meal plan, my cookbook, Transformative Tactics, and waaaaay more (surprises).

Jackpot Weight Loss Program walks you through step-by-step in a 2 hour video & audio on how to lose that unwanted weight and keep it off for life like the 5% of us Americans who have mastered it. It's called Jackpot Weight Loss because I want to welcome you into the winner's circle with me… for life! This program includes a 2-hour video tutorial, an audio version of the video, an Action Plan Fun Sheet workbook, and as a bonus, you get a digital copy of my book, Transformative Tactics.

7 Day Weight-Loss Jump Start Guide is my least expensive resource to get you started on healthier eating. It's a jump start, so this isn't meant to be used all of the time. In fact, it probably won't work long-term. This guide is great to use a few times a year… as a "reboot". And the cost is pretty dang low.

4 Week Fat-Loss Boost Guide is great for long-term use. This guide includes 4 weeks of meal planning, recipes, grocery shopping lists, workout routines, and more. This is pretty close to what I do every single day. So, when I get asked, "What do you do?" THIS is what I do. It's cheaper than coaching for one hour with me, so this might be right for you if you can't afford my health coaching.

Transformative Tactics  is the most personal and comprehensive writing I've put together in one place that describes the path to weight loss success and my own journey. The introduction is free to read online and you can download the 21-page diet chapter for free too.

Inspire Transformation: The Cook Book has all of my favorite recipes in one spot. All recipes are gluten-free and natural/organic. Not a Vegan cook book (sorry), but it does help get you on the right track to great health! I make these recipes all of the time in my home.


Supplements & Foods I Use and Recommend:

ALOHA has by far the best quality supplements, green juices, and chocolate bars I HAVE EVER HAD. No joke. This company is so ethical too. I wish more companies put as much quality into their products and their customer service as ALOHA does. If you purchase through this link, you will receive a $25 credit towards you first purchase. You can also receive 20% off your order if you use the code: NAOMITEETER at checkout!

Amazing Grass has a huge variety of greens and meal replacement powders that are non-gmo and organic. I've had a wide variety of their products and they are all quality. If you wish to get more greens and antioxidants into your day, a green juice is a great idea.

Mt. Capra protein powder and supplements use goat whey instead of cow's. Goat milk is closer to human milk, therefore more absorb-able. Also, you don't have to worry about and growth hormone or allergies to cow whey with this product. Mt. Capra is one of my top protein powders for non-Vegans.

Coconut Secret Organic Raw Coconut Aminos is the best alternative to soy sauce. I recommend this ALL OF THE TIME to my clients, friends, and family. Put that harmful soy sauce down and use coconut aminos instead! 

U.S. Wellness Meats is the only organic, non-gmo meat service I ever use. I've ordered from them dozens of times and each time I've been pleased with their products! Finding good organic, pastured meats in the store can be hard and sometimes pretty costly. U.S. Wellness Meats is a great option!

Floradix is the VERY BEST iron supplement you can take, in my opinion. If you tend to be anemic or constantly drained of energy, you really need to start taking an iron supplement ASAP. And Floradix gets the job done quicker than most.

Bulletproof Upgraded MCT Oil is something I use in my coffee regularly. MCT oil in general is a fat that is used as a source of fuel. Upgraded MCT oil is used by the brain more readily. Truth be told, Bulletproof is high quality stuff… supplements, coffee, mct oil and all. I've used many of the products and it ranks up there with ALOLHA on quality. I recommend looking into one of the bundles to save a little bit of money and try a few of the products. It feels like luxury just opening the box when you get it in the mail.

Premier Research Labs is a top-quality brand with top-quality products used by natropathic doctors and nutritionists all over. I've personally used many of their products. My favorite recommendations are their D3 Serum, B12-ND, and Max B-ND.

Nutiva has top-of-the-line organic, non-gmo products. Their coconut oil is one of my top 3 favorites! Check out all of their superfoods!

Tropical Traditions is another great company to purchase health foods from (especially in bulk). They also sell one of my top 3 favorite coconut oils. They regularly offer great discounts and freebies. So, they're worth checking out.

Great Lakes Collagen & Gelatin are out of this world healthy for you. These nourishing powders come from cows that have not been given growth hormone. I use the collagen blended in my morning coffee and the gelatin in place of Jello or as a thicken agent. Both items are great for bone and joint health.

Sweet Leaf Stevia is the only stevia brand I support. They are organic, no chemical additives and have lots of flavors to choose from! Don't be fooled by those "stevia" products made by Coca Cola and Pepsi Co. Not good!

Ghee is a great replacement for butter. Many, many people have sensitivities to dairy and that rules out the use of butter. Ghee is butter with the milk solids removed. It has a unique taste and smell that I'm not a huge fan of, but it does the trick for replacing butter in my meals and recipes.

Activated Charcoal is something I talk about all of the time. I've included it in a few blogs posts (click here and here and here) and recommend it to clients when they start throwing that "detox" word around. This is a small cost for a preventative measure against toxins in our foods and our bodies.

Redmond Clay is another product I recommend to detox your body. It binds to toxin much like activated charcoal, but it also helps health the gut lining over time. I make a paste out of the clay with a small amount of water and liquid stevia and consume for before bed each night. But the pill form is probably good too. Redmond also makes the only salt I use.

Oreganol and a good vitamin C are the two supplements I take at the first indication of a cold. If I've been around sick people, oreganol is like insurance against getting sick, too.

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium and Complementary Prescriptions – Mag Complete are the only two magnesium supplements I use (besides MagMind). Each of these products are high-quality, no fillers. Each also contain the better forms of magnesium designed for optimal absorption and utilization.

MagMind by Jarrow Formula is magnesium L-threonate, which is a form of magnesium that is great for brain function. It's the only form of magnesium that has been shown by promising research to readily cross the blood-brain barrier and provide significant positive effects on cognition, memory and brain health. Magmind may also improve relaxation and sleep quality.  Because I spend a lot of time studying and creating, I need this stuff!


Health & Weight-loss Tools and Services I Use:

My 2014 Workout Playlist is #1… that often gets me through some boring workouts in the morning. The perfect workout tunes can be the difference between a good and bad workout sometimes!

Lose It! app is something I started using since day 1 of my weight loss journey! I recommend it to all of my health coaching clients. I think it's way better than My Fitness Pal. But I am bias because I've mostly only ever used Lose It.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor is a wrist watch I've used since a few months into my weight loss journey. It's the most accurate way to determine for yourself how many calories you burn during a workout. Do not trust your cardio equipment to give you the right number because it lies. Click here for more info on why I recommend it.

Bulu Box is like those subscription box services you are probably seeing all over the internet now. Way popular! This service is like $10 cheaper though and you get to pick from the traditional box or the one geared towards weight loss. The product trials are great, too. High quality stuff to try before you buy. I love getting my little Bulu Box surprise every month in the mail.

Power Lung Trainer is something I've used for the last year to improve my performance while running. It's very challenging to use this thing and it take a lot of practice… but it does work. This is only something I'd recommend for people that want to improve cardio performance, singing, musical instrument, or just deep breathing.

 Podcasts I Listen To:

Inspire Transformation podcast: Because it is my podcast after all. My husband Adrean and I started the podcast in August 2014 and it lasted a few months. We've gotten sidetracked by other life events (school & work mostly) that the podcast went on the back burner. I promise that we'll update again in the future!

Half Size Me podcast: I have to be honest that I just started listening to this podcast recently. But from what I've heard, it's great insight for people that are struggling to maintain a weight loss or want to know what it's like to keep the weight off long term.

Underground Wellness Radio: I've got a lot of respect for Sean (the host). I used to listen to this podcast all of the time and his transparency really made me feel connected to him. He always has great guests on his show and the podcast is never just about one thing. He covers different diets, fitness, relationship, and poop. Love it!

The School of Greatness podcast: I've been listening to this podcast off and on for a couple of years. It's all kinds of self-help… from fitness & nutrition to career & relationships. Everyone can benefit from listening to this podcast. The host is open, honest, and transparent about his struggles and people love that.

The One You Feed podcast: This is a podcast based on a parable. It's all about what we give our attention to. The podcast seems to cover addiction (all kinds) most frequently. Because many people are addicted to food, alcohol, gambling, sex, attention, etc… I still think everyone can benefit from this podcast as well.

Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast: I honestly used to listen to this podcast religiously but fell off the wagon. I loved this podcast because not only does Ben live in the same city that I do, but he's all about becoming "super human". I mean, optimal health. This podcast is for people that already have a good fitness and nutrition routine but want to take it to the next level. I found out about Ben through the podcast Endurance Planet that I used to also listen to religiously when training for my first running event.


Other Self-Help Stuff:

Danielle LaPorte has recently become an inspiration to me. I love everything she puts out. I feel like she's the older, wiser version of me.

Finding Joe is one of my hubby and I's favorite documentaries. We watch it several times a year now. It's good to pep you up when you feel doubt about your abilities and purpose in life. The Hero's Journey is an amazing tale that everyone should know and take part in.


Favorite Other Stuff:

Gwynnie Bee is pretty awesome. They give you a month free to try if you use my link. Yes, it's clothes rental for plus-sized women. Most of the time, I fit into their size 0X or "small". The service is amazing. I've only had one issue with them the whole time I've used them. I use them because I LOVE fancy dresses but I don't love having a closet stuffed full of them or being broke because I spent too much on dresses. I've been told many times that people like my "style", well, the secret's out– much of what I wear comes from Gwynnie Bee!


My Favorite Books:

For now, you'll need to check out the books I'm reading in 2015, it contains links to my other favorite books at the bottom of the page.




Many of my favorite products can be found here (click here).

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