If I Started My Weight Loss Journey Over Again, Here’s What I Would Do Differently

weight loss journey

When folks hear I’ve maintained a 125-pound weight loss for over six years now, I’m (almost) always immediately asked, “how did you lose the weight?” And sometimes, I’m ashamed to be open and honest about my weight loss journey.

No, I didn’t have any surgeries, take gimmicky fat burner supplements, follow a fad diet, or rely on meal replacement shakes to lose weight. But what I did to lose weight wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

To release 150 pounds in just 11 months, I switched to a lower-calorie way of eating and exercised every day (sometimes twice a day). It wasn’t a miracle; it was constant mindfulness and hard work.

Don’t get my wrong; I did a lot of stuff right on my weight loss journey. But in hindsight, there are a handful of things I would have changed to make my weight loss experience more pleasurable and less rigid.


Click here for to read some things I would have done differently if I were starting over again.





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