Sustained Weight Loss Can Be Taught (and Learned) Quickly

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 You've probably seen all of the weight loss gimmicks under the sun by now, right?

They all claim to offer fast, easy and (best of all) painless weight loss. Here's a very logical question: If sustained weight loss were really this "easy", shouldn't we all be healthy and fit by now?

So, why do we keep falling into this marketing trap of fast, easy and painless? Well, it's a fundamental human need and motivation that drives us towards always taking the so-called easier route and avoid anything painful as much as possible!

If you've read anything I've written on sustained weight loss, you know that I never claim it's easy. I didn't lose over 125-pounds and maintain the weight loss for over six years now through no effort. It took work.

Sustained weight loss can be quickly learned if the right actions are taken by the person wishing to lose weight.

The keyword being ACTION. This means, it's not effortless– it requires a bit of work. The action makes weight loss happen quicker and last longer.

It's painful  for me to watch women putting all of their hopes in weight loss surgeries, diet pills, boot camps, and hypnosis programs… only to lose a little bit of weight and gain it all back.

Putting your hope (and money) into these weight loss "solutions" is not the kind of ACTION that will get you quicker and longer lasting results. These "solutions" offer quick results, but it doesn't require the kind of action on your part to make them stick. There's very little being taught about TRUE weight loss maintenance in these types of "solutions".

Over these last seven years of being on my own weight loss journey, I had countless ups and downs. I've struggled with problems that many folks face and then give up on themselves over. I learned strategies to overcome these common barriers and developed a totally different mindset in order to stay where I'm at (125-pounds lighter). Getting a weight loss surgery or taking a diet supplement won't do that for you. no

Here's a solution that works: work with a mentor who has overcome the same weight issues you're currently dealing with.

It doesn't have to be me. My approach isn't for everyone.

But I STRONGLY suggest that working with a coach or mentor of some kind will get you better results than trying to do it all on your own or waiting for someone to do the work for you.

If long-lasting weight loss is something you're finally ready to take action for, I do offer a 4-week comprehensive, interactive weight loss program. Watch this video!

You can read a little more about it and enter to win a scholarship for August's session below:


Scholarship Opportunity for the 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight program:

Guess what?

I'm offering you an awesome chance to win a scholarship into my 4-week weight loss program that launches in August!

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Why would you want to take part in this 4-week comprehensive, interactive program (8 Great Ways To Lose Weight)? Good question!

Do any of these statements sound like you?:

  • "It feels like I'm always jumping from one diet to the next."
  • "I have weight-related medical problems that bother me and I worry about my health."
  • "I have a difficult time making new healthy behaviors stick."
  • "I feel like I need support and accountability if I'm going to be successful in losing weight."
  • "I don't like being told what to do."
  • "I feel like experts in the medical, fitness, and nutrition fields make weight loss sound easy and I don't think they understand my struggle."
  • "I still haven't taken solid action towards my weight loss resolution I set back in January."

If any of these issues resonate with you, it's probably time to sign up for this scholarship.

Here's why I'm excited about the 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight program (and you should be, too):

  1. It offers me the chance to teach an abundance of valuable information over a 4-week period of time (like being in a class).
  2. I get to connect privately and in a group setting with the members of the program (to really personalize the content to YOU).
  3. I have the opportunity to help more people in this program than just through 1-on-1 health coaching alone.
  4. The value of content is beyond what I've ever been able to offer in the past.
  5. This program is on-going! It runs for 4 weeks, but you have the content and accountability for life!
  6. I get to give away a lot of cool bonuses as "thank yous" that I don't do with 1-on-1 coaching.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of the 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight program, click here:

Briefly, here's some topics covered in this 4-week program:

  • Diet and food strategies that work
  • Making fitness easier and fun to do
  • Handling stress better
  • Getting more done in less time
  • Setting better goals for yourself
  • How to get support from your family and friends
  • Why you do what you do (your motivation)
  • Actions you can take immediately that will get you faster results

If all of this struck a chord with you and you want to be considered for the scholarship into this exclusive 4-week program with me and 19 other women in August, click here to fill out a brief form that will enter you into "the consideration pool".

The scholarship winner will be announced on Friday, July 17th by noon PST.  ** I will ONLY send out a mailing to those who entered the scholarship to announce the winner.

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ALL the best,


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