11 Beliefs To Steal From The Best Weight Loss Maintainers

Weight Loss Maintainers

You can learn how to lose weight easily. Really.   Your local library has thousands of books to help you drop pounds. Many television programs and news segments advertise the latest craze in diet and fitness. Even your friends and … Continue reading

Why I Would Never Take Weight Loss Advice From A Skinny Person

  “The only source of knowledge is experience.” –Albert Einstein   Would you trust your unemployed cousin to give you business advice? What about your childless neighbor telling you how to raise your children? So why would it make sense … Continue reading

Wait… I’m Not “Smart” Enough to Lose Weight!

  When I started my weight-loss transformation 5 years ago, I was a high-school dropout. I only had a GED and lacked a lot of basic knowledge about life. I did not even know what carbohydrates, protein, and fat really … Continue reading