5 Ways To Get Back On Track When You Feel You’re Falling Behind In Life

It happens around this time every year—I get that feeling of loss. Autumn is known as a time for reflection. For many of us, during this season, it becomes clear what we didn’t accomplish during the first half of the … Continue reading

The Perfectionism Shift: Developing An Adventure Attitude

  We’ve all done it—set expectations for how a situation is supposed to turn out, and then nothing goes as anticipated.   Some of us will feel disappointed, let down, or even frustrated. We blame ourselves, or worse—we blame other … Continue reading

If You Want to Lose Weight, Here’s Where You Start

When women hear that I’ve been successful at maintaining a 125-pound weight loss over these last six years, it’s always met with one of two questions. One question is painfully obviously, “How did you lose weight?” The second inquiry is, … Continue reading

How I Got Happier in 90 Days

  Last year, I did some research on basic morning routines of some of the happiest people alive. I wanted to know how to improve my days while going to school and working (both full-time). I was pleased to discover … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: The Best Gift To Give Your Sweetie

valentine's day

  Every year Valentine’s Day comes and goes. For those of us in relationships: we're under pressure to find that perfect gift we could give our sweetheart that would show them that we really deeply care and love them. The … Continue reading

Powered By Plants: My Favorite Green Juices

Did you just read an article online (or maybe watch a documentary) that made some pretty miraculous health claims about the power of green juice? There's some merit to all of those claims. However, buying a juicer and all of … Continue reading