What You Need to Know For A Healthy and Fit Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body goes through a cornucopia of changes that you might otherwise never experience. During my first pregnancy, I was mesmerized by just how fast and how easy it was to lose track of my health and pack … Continue reading

Why You’re Actually Too Embarrassed to Exercise

    Embarrassment is one of the top reasons Americans don’t workout (along with the lack of time, inability to exercise effectively, and lack of enjoyment of fitness).   When I weighed 300 pounds, joining a gym was one of … Continue reading

Serious About Getting Fit? Here Are 5 Ways To Make Exercise A Priority

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I Almost Talked Myself Out Of A Workout This Morning. Here’s What I Did Instead:

We all know that starting a workout routine sucks at first. It takes a week or two to get into the swing of things. Until that time, you’re fighting your mental anti-exercise demon that’s coming up with all kinds of … Continue reading

Here’s How I Hit The Weight Loss Jackpot (And How You Can Too)

This was originally posted and written for Mind Body Green, I posted it here (the way I wrote it) because I felt like some important parts were left out (and titled changed too much) during their editing process.   Seven … Continue reading

Sustained Weight Loss Can Be Taught (and Learned) Quickly

 You've probably seen all of the weight loss gimmicks under the sun by now, right? They all claim to offer fast, easy and (best of all) painless weight loss. Here's a very logical question: If sustained weight loss were really … Continue reading