The Unusual Mindset I Adopted to Succeed at Sustained Weight Loss

I’m told I make outrageous claims. Apparently, just because I’ve maintained a 125-pound weight loss for seven years, it doesn’t mean it’s realistic for others to do the same. Says who? We all know someone who’s lost a significant amount … Continue reading

I’ve Run 17 Races in 6 Years, But I’m Not a Runner– Here’s Why

To be clear, I’ve run two marathons, five half-marathons, six 12ks, and four 5k races. And I just registered for another 12k, half-marathon, and full marathon for 2016, but who’s counting?   In May of 2010, I completed my first race after … Continue reading

10 Signs You’re On Track To Reach Your Ideal Weight (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

    “I’ve lost and gained weight so many times in the past few years– I’ve started to doubt I can ever keep the weight off.”   Sound familiar? I’ve been there before, too. Up until about seven years ago, … Continue reading