I’ve Run 17 Races in 6 Years, But I’m Not a Runner– Here’s Why

To be clear, I’ve run two marathons, five half-marathons, six 12ks, and four 5k races. And I just registered for another 12k, half-marathon, and full marathon for 2016, but who’s counting?   In May of 2010, I completed my first race after … Continue reading

11 Beliefs To Steal From The Best Weight Loss Maintainers

Weight Loss Maintainers

You can learn how to lose weight easily. Really.   Your local library has thousands of books to help you drop pounds. Many television programs and news segments advertise the latest craze in diet and fitness. Even your friends and … Continue reading

The Perfectionism Shift: Developing An Adventure Attitude

  We’ve all done it—set expectations for how a situation is supposed to turn out, and then nothing goes as anticipated.   Some of us will feel disappointed, let down, or even frustrated. We blame ourselves, or worse—we blame other … Continue reading