The Perfectionism Shift: Developing An Adventure Attitude

  We’ve all done it—set expectations for how a situation is supposed to turn out, and then nothing goes as anticipated.   Some of us will feel disappointed, let down, or even frustrated. We blame ourselves, or worse—we blame other … Continue reading


Welcome to 1 Minute With Naomi! In this video, I break out my own book, Transformative Tactics, to discuss an important bit of information: "The Shoulds". Watch the video here:   Very common "shoulds" in our culture include: earning a … Continue reading

Why Diets Never Worked For Me

  How many times have you been super pumped up and excited to try one of those special diets that promised to help you lose weight only to be disappointed that you couldn’t stay on track?   Do you remember … Continue reading

Podcast Episode #004: Why Diets Don’t Work

  In this podcast, Naomi discusses the real reasons why diets don’t actually work and what she did to lose 125 pounds.   Check out her 4 Week Fat-Loss Boost guide at if you’re interested in losing weight and … Continue reading