Tangy Vegan Amaranth Patties (Gluten Free)



Have you heard about Amaranth yet? It’s one of the superfoods that’s really gaining interest in 2015– and for good reason!


Along with buckwheat and quinoa, amaranth is one of the few plant sources to offer a complete set of amino acids (including lysine, an amino acid missing in many other grains), making it a rare plant source of complete protein. It’s naturally gluten-free and a good source of protein (around 26 grams per cup) and fiber (about 6 grams per cup).


Last week, I posted a recipe for Amaranth Porridge over at Mind Body Green, this week it’s something waaay more delicious and really addictive (in my opinion). I adapted this recipe for Tangy Vegan Amaranth Patties from Tartine and Apron Strings: Amaranth Patties.

Amaranth can be purchased online or in your local health food store. I found it in the bulk bins of my local food co-op.


Amaranth 2

You can find the full recipe for this wonderful gluten-free, vegan friendly dish at Young & Raw.

After you make this recipe for yourself: Be kind– share this treat with your friends and family!

Amaranth 3


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