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“This book’s title says it all. It inspires transformation. Being someone who has been overweight most of my life it is frustrating to have someone who has always been healthy and active tell me how to live my life. How can someone who has been thin their entire life understand what it is like to be me? Naomi Teeter understands that everyone is different and instead of telling her readers what they should do, she inspires them to find their own path to transformation.” -Stefani


“I love that in this book it’s not all about the food. It’s about how we think, feel, and set ourselves up for success. The author outlines how you need to shift your approach to find what works for you. I love the emphasis on the social aspect — culling those that aren’t supportive and seeking out those that will be. The suggestions about how to incorporate different technologies/apps for helping your reach your goal was super helpful and practical, too. I really appreciate that the author has been in my shoes and that gives her advice and shared experience added credibility for me.” -Amelia


“Love this book!! Needed some inspiring and that’s just what I got. Being able to read someone eles’s trials made me feel like I wasn’t alone. In a world where beauty and how it is perceived is shoved in our faces, it nice to have someone who can inspire you not to give up.” -Nicole



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