The 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight Live Webinar (May 9th)

 I’m SO EXCITED to be hosting my second live webinar!

I had such a great time hosting the last live webinar in March and received many amazing reviews from women that benefited from attending, that I’ve decided to do another one!

I will be talking about the real ways you can lose weight and keep it off for the long term in this webinar! I won’t be pushing any gimmicky crap on you… just straight talk! I’ve pulled out some of the best information from my book, Transformative Tactics to cover in this webinar with you guys!

You can lose weight and keep it off

through some of the same methods I have. Sign up for this free webinar event and bring an open mind! Some of the things I’ll be covering, you may have heard me (or others) say before, but I promise you that there is something to be learned from this event!

 Join me on Saturday May 9th @ 12PM PST, 3PM EST

Questions will be answered during the webinar and at the end (as time permits). Because I will be covering 8 sections in 60 minutes, it’s going to be fast-paced! No fancy software is required to take part in this webinar… just bring yourself and your computer!  

Interested? Click here to sign up!

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Here’s what people are saying about the last webinar:

“I was the one who posted about trying all the fad diets and ended up gaining weight when i stopped… and the comment about how my low self esteem keeps me from trying and believing i can succeed. I took a lot of notes of what you said during the webinar, but what actually brought me to tears was when you read my comment and looked into the camera and said Melissa… you need to trust yourself more and be kind to yourself. That was huge. I think everyone felt something similar when you said our name and address our comment personally. :)” -Melissa

“I felt like a lot of the things you talked about were perfect for me and my situation. I really have crawled up in a ball and wanted to hide from the world, and I know I just can’t do that. So, thanks again for the opportunity tonight!” -Rachel

Success!!! It was so awesome. You were awesome!! I’m so happy you chose this as your passion!” –Bethany

“I think having my question read and feeling validated by someone who’s been successful was huge! I liked hearing the answer from a new perspective. Definitely gave me food for thought.” –Pam

“One thing I benefited from watching this webinar is that knowing many others are in the same boat as me and we all just need a push in the right direction. Please do another-these are fun!”  –Sarah

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