The Real Reasons I Exercise


As I began my 125+ pound weight-loss journey back in 2009, I started exercising right a way as a method of losing weight. It worked really well (along with proper nutrition).

However, that's not the reason I exercise today. I don't do it to lose or maintain my weight so much anymore. I don't do it because I ate too much the day before. I don't do it as a form of punishing myself.

Overall, I generally love to exercise. I mean, I have my days that I don't like to work out, but on a whole, I love being physically active.

For those of you that might be struggling with exercise and don't know why you should even bother, here is why I do it. Maybe it will motivate you to try it out?


1. Being physically active creates more energy.

When I workout in the mornings, I have more energy through out my day. There is more pep in my step. I get more done. I'm in a much better mood. I feel POWERFUL!

2. Sweating cures my dry skin problems.

I used to have such dry skin that I would slather on the thickest moisturizers on my face and body– in the hopes of disguising my flaky skin. I used to have awful dandruff problems as well. It wasn't cute. No amount of beauty products cured the dry skin problems. The only thing that has helped is sweating regularly from exercising.

3. I feel less achy.

Sitting around all day (in class, at a desk, or on the couch) can actually cause you more physical harm and pain than exercising. Have you ever been so sick that you needed to rest in bed for more than 2 days? Remember how sore and weak your body was? Or what about the last time you had a long road trip or flight?

4. I enjoy seeing progress.

I track my workouts and always try my best to improve over time. I like to see the numbers go up. I have been known to use notebooks and spreadsheets for tracking my workouts and measuring progress over time. Looking better in the mirror is also a motivator. When I lift weights, I get a kick out of seeing my muscles flex.

5. It's a stress-reliever.

We all endure some sort of stress in our lives. Exercise itself is a form of stress. However, it's a beneficial kind of stress as long as it's not taken to the extreme. Exercising provides an outlet for your frustrations or gives you time to think about something other than your current worries. Exercise often forces you to be present, listening to your body. It's hard to be filled with anxiety about what's happening in your life if you are focused on your movements, your heart rate, and your breathing.


P.S. Are you just having trouble figuring out how to make exercise something you enjoy doing?

I totally get it! There are certain workouts I HATE and will never follow through with!

It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with me OR the exercise… it means it's not a perfect fit for me.

Do you have that problem?

I put together a Fitness Personality Assessment that is great for helping you determine the right type of exercise for your personality!

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