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As I work on new offerings, you will be able to find them here amongst their fellow freebie friends. Scroll down and see which offer resonates most with you! Information is great, but if it doesn’t apply to where you are at in life, it might not be helpful for you right now. My goal is NOT to fill up your email inbox with unused freebies… my goal is give you the information that you NEED and can start using TODAY.


Free Ebook:


This is my primary free offering. This is my #1 resource for new readers and health enthusiasts who wish to lose weight and transform their life. This ebook briefly covers a few different areas of your life that needs some attention. It’s less about nutrition and fitness and more about how to get the rest of your life together so that you will be able to follow through with your health goals. Click here to sign up for your free copy!


You Deserve To Be A Success Story: FREE Webinar:

big-girls-guide-to-take-control-over-your-timeBe one of those people who pulls it off. Join my FREE webinar to discover the unexpected strategies that transformed my relationship with food, exercise, and mindset for good. Because results > donuts. Learn how to be a weight loss success story like me!

During this exclusive livestream webinar, you’ll learn: 

-How much time and energy you’ll really need to put into your weight loss journey

-The mistakes I made on my journey and the unexpected strategies that I (and other success stories) use every day to maintain drastic weight loss

-The 3 keys to staying on track so you keep seeing that number go down on the scale with each passing week

-How to keep the momentum of your success story building so you’re not frustrated with what to do once you’ve actually reached your goal weight (you don’t want to be one of those 95% of people who gain the weight back) Click here to sign up.


Top 5 Recipes for Sustained Weight Loss:

After I finished writing my cook book for Amazon Kindle, I created this free offer for people who did not wish to purchase the book, but wanted to know what the top 5 recipes were in that book. These aren’t recipes that will make you lose weight… so keep that in mind. Sustained weight loss is not the same as losing weight. These are my favorite well-rounded recipes that are yummy, satisfying, and healthy! Click here to get the recipes for yourself!


5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Weighed 300 Pounds:


I teamed up with Eve Parker (also long-term weight loss maintainer) to host a FREE 5-day event on the all of the things we wish we had known when we started our weight loss journeys. Each day of the 5-day event, we cover 5 different topics in video and text format, along with a discovery sheet to guide you each day. On the 6th day, we have a webinar to discuss how we kept going when it wasn’t easy and we answer your burning questions. You won’t want to miss this collaboration! Click here to register for this free 5-day event now! 


Wellness Wisdom Training:


Are you ready to take your healthy living to the next level? Join me for Wellness Wisdom Week to learn how to level up your game on healthy living with ease. 

During the week we’ll go over: 

* The Art of Practical Healthy Eating: it doesn’t have to be hard

* Emotional Eating 101: you aren’t what you eat

* Getting Clear on Your Motivation: zoom-in on your “whys”

* Getting Your Mindset Right: all-or-nothing thinking is so 2015

* Your Unfair Fitness Advantage: you should like what you do

* Developing REAL Confidence: don’t delay– do it today

* Building A Supportive Tribe: win over your peeps

Ready? It’s 100% FREE to take part in this 7-day workshop, so please invite a friend or two to join you!  Click here to register now. 


Free Fitness Personality Assessment:

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This by far one of my most popular opt-in offers. Everyone wants to know WHY fitness is so difficult for them! Why aren’t we like our friends who love Zumba or run marathons? Well, your personality might play a big role in that! I use personality in my health coaching business all of the time because it’s a good indicator or how we behave towards certain things in life. I also just hear the airforce is implementing a lot of personality-related stuff in their training, too. Neat! Click here to get your free assessment!


The Big Girl’s Guide to Beating Burnout:


Stress kills our best intentions! We can be doing really great with eating better and exercising and then all of a sudden we’re hit with something unexpected that stresses us out and creates so much overwhelm that we let our health take the back burner. I’ve seen this time and time again with health coaching clients and many times in my past. We all have to deal with this! However, you CAN eliminate some stressors and learn to deal with other stresses better so that you don’t burn out. In this guide, I show you how. Click here to get this free guide.