Is it okay to seek comfort in food?



It is natural to seek comfort in food. You shouldn't punish yourself for comfort eating. As humans, we are hard-wired for this behavior. Our mothers held us to suckle from her breast when we cried out in hunger and discomfort. So, why should we change our behavior now when we are crying out for comfort?

Maybe it's not the comfort eating that is the problem. Maybe the problem is that we are crying out in stress far too often. Shouldn't we focus our efforts on what is causing the discomfort instead of willing ourselves to not seek comfort in food?

Trying to do something that goes against our nature will only ultimately set us up for failure. And the cycle will continue to play out.

When you need comfort and you start to turn to food, try to ask yourself during this time: What is bothering me? Why do I feel the need to eat when I am not hungry?

When you have your answer, think of ways that you can remedy the problem. Should you take a break from work? Do you need to get outside and walk? Perhaps a call with a good friend? Maybe a nap??

I'm not saying that it's bad to seek comfort in food, I am suggesting you address the reason why you need the comfort in the first place!


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