Ultimate Action Plan To Achieve Your Health Goals

Ultimate Action Plan To Achieve Your Health Goals


Would you believe that 69 percent of Aussies and 45 percent of Americans resolve at the beginning of each year to transform their lives in some way, but less than a quarter of Australians and 8 percent of Americans actually follow through? It may not be a big surprise that the number one resolution is to “lose weight” or “get healthy”.

The problem with making new year resolutions is that they tend to be very vague and often lofty and unattainable. Our goals can be so huge that we can get bummed out and give up hope after just a few short weeks of exhausting all of our willpower on trying to be perfect. I know this to be true because I took part in this crazy cycle of “lose weight” resolutions for many years. I finally broke free and lost over 125 pounds by changing how I viewed my resolutions.

Instead of setting big weight loss goals or attempting to be as healthy as possible, we can shift our perspective to small steps that will lead to our desired outcome. These small actions, over the course of time lead to big success! Gradual rituals shape you into the type of person that is actually capable of achieving the new years resolution that you set in place a few years back but never reached.

Here’s a list of 7 simple action steps you can start implementing today to get the ball rolling on knocking out your ultimate health goal: Click here to read the Ultimate Action Plan To Achieve Your Health Goals at Daily Cup of Bloom!




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