What to Do When You’re Ready To Give Up

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You’ve stopped seeing progress on the bathroom scale.

People have stopped complimenting you on your recent weight loss.

The enthusiasm you once had for working out every morning is GONE.

You’ve slacked so much on meal prep that you’re back at the drive-thru ordering your lunch again.

You’re discouraged and you’ve lost confidence.


Here’s what starts to happen:

At first, it’s a gradual backslide – and then it becomes avoidance altogether.

What used to inspire you about losing weight now annoys you.

You feel guilty and ashamed.

You think of all of the things you’ve stopped doing and it overwhelms the hell out of you—so, you do nothing at all.

And everything comes to an ugly, grinding halt.

You’re no longer transforming your health and life. You’re on the couch again.


I know how you feel, because I’ve felt this way at least 500 times on my weight loss journey.


Trust me, you’re not a total screw up.

You haven’t lost your capability to change your life.

You haven’t lost your ability to get back up and continue your journey.

You haven’t lost “it” or “what it takes.”


You’ve just lost momentum (momentarily).


I refuse to bore you with scientific explanations of momentum.

But, think about it this way:

When something is in motion, it’s hard to stop it.

When something is REALLY in motion, it’s REALLY hard to stop it.

It’s like riding a bike downhill without brakes.


So how do you get that momentum back when all you feel like doing is giving up?


In any direction related to improving your health.

Just bust a move.

Literally ANY move at all will work.


Any health or wellness action that you complete successfully – no matter how small – will add momentum to your day, and facilitate the forward movement of your weight loss journey. Unsure where to start?


Consider some of these possibilities when you feel just want to give up:


  1. Avoid planning. Focus on doing. I’m a strategist, and I bet you are, too. When you’re paralyzed with laziness or overwhelm, planning is not the answer. DOING is the answer. I know first hand how wrong it feels just to do something without a plan, but successfully completing just about anything will build the momentum you need more than scheduling out every little action beforehand. One small completed action creates the next.
  2. Put on your fitness clothes. If you’ve been backsliding on your workouts and skipping the gym for a week or two, it could take something as small as deciding to put on your fitness gear to spark the motivation to go to the gym (or, at least, go for a walk).
  3. Ask yourself this question: “What if this time could be different?” You already know what giving up feels like. What if this time you got right back up and started again? What if you only rested for a day instead of a year? This is a powerful question that my friend Eve credits for helping her make a major shift in her life and weight loss journey.
  4. Decide to have fun. That’s right. Having fun doesn’t mean slacking off– it means making your present moment enjoyable. Who says taking healthy action can’t be pleasurable? It doesn’t have to be hard or painful or boring. You’re the one that decides to make it that way. So, consider HOW you can make your meals and workouts more enjoyable. Do you need to take a fitness class? Do you need to take your dogs for a walk or go with a friend? Do you need to take an adventure and explore your town’s hiking or biking trails? Do you need a new workout playlist? Need new sneakers? Do you need to try a new recipe? Try a new food? Do you need to make your meals more colorful? Could you sign up for a healthy meal delivery service?
  5. Focus on what you’ll gain. It’s easy to think of all of the stuff you have to give up to improve your health. If you search Google right now, some of the top words paired with the phrase “give up” are related to food (sugar, chocolate, bread, gluten, eggs, dairy, cheese, meat, read meat… just to name a few). Instead of focusing on what you won’t be eating anymore (or what you won’t be spending as much time doing), consider how your life will improve by every little positive decision you make. How are you going to feel (physically, mentally, and emotionally)? What will you be able to do? How will it impact and help others?
  6. Make the time. It’s easy to lose track of time. I mean, social media alone takes up hours out of the day for some of us. No wonder “I don’t have time” is one of the biggest excuses these days. We all have time. It’s more about how we choose to spend it emotionally and physically. One way to make your health a priority and to build that momentum is to set daily calendar reminders and alarms on your beloved phone to prompt you to take an action towards bettering your health. It could be a reminder to take your vitamins, have a protein shake, go for a 20-minute walk, hit the gym, or prepare for meals for the week.
  7. Go shopping for clothes. So many of us put off purchasing new items for our wardrobe until we reach our “ideal weight.” We shouldn’t have to wait until we reach our big goal to be happy and be rewarded for our progress. It might seem pointless to purchase clothes that you may not fit in a few months, but here’s the thing: you should feel good about how you look right now (regardless of your size or the progress you’re making). When you don’t feel good about yourself, you’re likely to give up on yourself more quickly.
  8. Seek an accountability partner. Some of us need accountability to keep going. If you’re one of those people, then build accountability into your week. Join an online health forum or get a health coach to check in with. Reach out to a friend who may be feeling the same way. When you verbalize your struggle and share your fears about moving forward to reach your health goals, the fears often lose their power. Saying aloud what’s holding us back often makes us realize how silly we’re being.


What’s your next move going to be? Share it with me in the comments below! 


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