Why Diets Never Worked For Me



How many times have you been super pumped up and excited to try one of those special diets that promised to help you lose weight only to be disappointed that you couldn’t stay on track?


Do you remember how motivated you were the first few days? You probably felt great that you were keeping up with the new eating plan. Then, you had one of those days! You know the kind – the one where you’re feeling totally stressed. Just one bad day and you’re right back to your old habits. Ugh!


After the ice cream container or bag of chips is empty you start feeling the weight of regret.


You may as well give up and call yourself a failure. You didn’t follow the new diet and you feel totally gross for having eaten all that unhealthy food. Does this pattern sound familiar? I know how it feels. It’s happened to me plenty of times. I’d follow the new plan precisely. Then, I would slip and eat something I shouldn’t have eaten. Then, I’d give up totally because I felt like I had failed. I tried, I messed up, and then I gave up.

…And that’s how the cycle tends to go.


If this has happened to you, the problem isn’t that you’re a loser.


The problem isn’t even that the diet doesn’t work. The real issue is that most diet books don’t allow any room for failure. These are those real moments in life when sometimes you just eat unhealthy food – whether it’s a bad day or just a late afternoon craving for cookies. Diet programs often advertise with phrases like –“This diet is so easy, anyone can do it!”  But then you start reading the book and realize that you were just lied to. Marketers lie to you because honestly, it’s what you want to hear.


No one wants to hear that something is going to be challenging, take a long time, or that you’re probably going to have a bunch of setbacks that feel like failure.


Would you buy that diet plan? I wouldn’t. Diet plans rarely mention that it’s okay to mess up and fail. It’s normal and easy to slip back into unhealthy eating habits. A diet program’s focus is ONLY on the desired outcome, not the journey you’re going to have to take to get there. It totally leaves out anything to do with human emotions and lifestyle habits.


Sometimes, a person just needs to know that it’s okay to fail.


Because, success rarely comes without failure. You will fail multiple times before you get to where you want to be.


I encountered many setbacks, total failures, feelings of guilt and shame, and wanting to give up on myself during my own weight loss journey. Ultimately, I had no choice but to embrace these feelings of failure as a natural part of the process. I eventually succeeded in losing 125 pounds because I stopped giving up on myself, not because I stopped failing. It’s now my passion to help my clients to achieve that same feeling of success and embrace their failures.


What do you think about this topic? Is this something you are currently struggling with? Are you not seeing the results from your rigid program yet and want to give up on it or on yourself? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!



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