Why You Might NEED a Health Coach


Maybe you’re like me… you struggle a little bit with the idea of paying someone else to talk to you about your problems. I think a lot of people get frustrated when they spend money and do not have a material possession to show for it. But there is often great value in spending money and not receiving that material souvenir in exchange.

I often think of vacations in this way. I may not be able to take the tropical beach back home with me (even though I paid for it), but I have the memories that last forever. A health coach or mentor works in the same way. We offer great services to our clients, but often the services are not material objects.

So, I’ve compiled a list of reasons you might want or need a health or life coach:

  • To be a compassionate ear for your struggles and dreams
  • To support clients in making reasonable health plans
  • To hold you accountable
  • Individualized attention and client-driven (based on your goals and circumstances)
  • A motivator to keep you pressing forward
  • To offer ideas and strategies that you may not have thought of
  • To work with your personality strengths on building better habits to achieve your goals
  • To fill in the gap of time that physicians don’t have for their patients
  • Gives the client an opportunity to figure out how the treatment will impact their life.
  • To help clients decipher all of the conflicting information out there
  • A new behavior must be practiced for at least 100 days to become an entrenched part of who you are and how you live, rather than just something that you’re doing for a while. Most doctors aren’t trained in helping patients make such sustainable changes
  • Create a personalized plan for meeting your health goals, whether those goals have to do with your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual well-being.
  • Recognize and shift the behaviors, beliefs and emotions that have been blocking your success or your readiness to change.
  • Break your goals into manageable steps and track measurable progress.
  • Learn specific strategies (for instance, how to interpret food labels, carve out time for exercise or establish a sleep-enhancing bedtime routine) aimed at achieving your goals.

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