The Woman Who Never Had Enough

She had a deep dissatisfaction with her life and herself. Most days, she woke up groggy and struggled through her work day just to seek the warm embrace of her bed at night.


Self-help and spiritual gurus might say this woman was “out of alignment with herself.”  Whatever that means…


She just knew that some days SUCKED.


On a bad day, her moods bounced from irritability at an annoying co-worker to feeling stuck and hopeless when asked to work late on another boring project.


Passion, purpose, and drive? Oh, those were New Year’s Resolution things. Not part of her daily life.


Her happiness came from consumption. Anything that momentarily distracted her from “bad feelings.”


Americano every morning at Starbucks, the perfect application of eyeliner, silly puppy videos on Youtube, a workout tee with a sassy motivational saying, a weekend at the beach, trading the old car in for a new model, chatting with that mysterious hot guy online while drinking a bottle of wine.


And eventually, the promise of joy and adventure has slipped away… again.


Where did it go??? And why is it always fast to leave?


She had it all. She knew other women envied her.


But she couldn’t understand why she felt so depressed most days. Why nothing was ever good enough to sustain her happiness longterm.


Was THIS her life? Was it going to be exactly like THIS forever?


Or would she be one of those people who has a midlife crisis? Would she start having reckless sex with strangers? Jump out of a plane? Join a commune?


Can you tell her what her problem is? If you were her friend, what would your advice be?

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