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write for us

Are you looking to expand your readership reach?

Promote your website? 

Write about a topic you’re passionate about? 


If any of these apply to you, I want to invite you to write for us as guest bloggger on Inspire Transformation. 


I currently have 180+ websites that link back to this website and have an Alexa global rating of  877,752 (which is amazing considering this time last year this website was ranked 9 million). I’ve written for many media outlets (all of which link back to my website). I’ve had considerable growth to my email mailing list since May 2014 as well. 



What does this all mean?


An awesome opportunity for you


Not only will this create more traffic for you through just having another website link to yours, but I also send out blog posts and articles to my mailing list each week and use social media to share your work. I currently have about 8,500(ish) followers on Inspire Transformation on Facebook and 100 or so on Naomi Teeter (verified public figure account). I use both to promote (along with Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and sometimes Instagram). 


I can set you up with my portal link and a unique username and password to start working on your writing and promoting yourself ASAP. 🙂 By the way, when you write for us, there’s no commitment. I’m not going to request that you submit a certain number of articles each month. But, please do consider writing for Inspire Transformation more than once. 😉 


I am currently looking for content related to: self-love, mindset, motherhood, communication, eating healthfully, productivity, depression, psychology, everyday struggle of weight loss, natural beauty, the power of introverts, and exercise. But I am open to other ideas as well! 


Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Send your blog pitch to Naomi [at] theinspiredtransformation.com 
  2. Subject line should say “blog pitch.”
  3. The body of your email should include a brief bio about yourself (something you’d want to be seen publicly at the bottom of the published blog post). Make it 3-6 sentences in length. Include your website url or social media. 
  4. Attach a author bio photo… we want to see your face! 
  5. The blog post in completion either pasted into the body of the email or attached as a Word document. The best blog posts are between 600-1200 words. 
  6. Your writing should be original and not taken directly from your own blog or from another source. If you wish to share your submitted guest post on your own blog, please link back to your Inspire Transformation one. 
  7. Include a photo for your posting with credit and link to photo (if not yours). Otherwise, I will find one for you. 


Expect to hear back from me personally within one week. If I like it, I’ll set you up with an account to submit more blog posts for yourself and you will be able to update your bio from that point forward. I may request heavy revising or turn down your blog/artical altogether. Don’t be sad… that’s just how it is. Trust me.


If you writing is accepted, please be aware that there will likely be edits done by me (including changing the title or photo submitted). Sometimes, editing is important to gain attention to your writing. If you feel my edits take away from your purpose for the piece, email me! 


Best of luck and I can’t wait to see what you have to offer Inspire Transformation readers!




Extra Tips For You: These actions WILL make your blog post more attention grabbing!

1. Use research in your writing (including links to scholarly articles and studies). Backing up your big idea with research is a great way to add value to your readers and get it shared more frequently.  

2. Attention grabbing photos for your article work great– if you plan to submit a photo with your post, spend some time scroll through websites like www.pexels.com for free, high-quality photos to use. 

3. Spend some time creating your title. Some writers devote an entire day to crafting the “perfect” title. That’s absurd, but sometimes it’s necessary if you want a lot of attention. Think about the articles you click on to read– how do they grab your attention? Do that. 

4. Spend time adding humor to your post. Trust me, it always pays off. 

5. Make the first sentence really captivating. This is to reassure the reader they’re not going to waste their precious time reading your wisdom. 

6. Fix your grammar. I’m not a professional editor– but I try. If you want your post to be taken seriously, use a tool like Grammarly to help you out. Plus, it will ensure your post will get publisher sooner. Grammarly has changed how I write (for the most part). It’s best tools are it’s grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and proofreading tool.